Best Things To Do In Bangkok

In addition to shopping at large malls that stood in Bangkok there are still things to do in Bangkok. Here are 6 compulsory activities that can make your holiday in Bangkok more exciting. Here are 6 activities you should do during your holiday in Bangkok:


Sail Through Chao Phraya River

One of Bangkok’s mainstay attractions is down the Chao Phraya River by boat, and this is one of fun things to do in bangkok. Chao Phraya is a famous river in Bangkok, and always crowded with tourists. Usually, they come to enjoy the view of Bangkok City from the boat that sailed the river.

To board a boat, you can ride from the harbor on the river. Capacity is quite a lot, about 50 people. Ticket price is quite diverse, between 9-30 Baht (Rp 3.000-9.500), depending on the type of ship on board. After paying the tickets, new tourists can feel the pleasure of wading through the Chao Phraya River.

From the ship, you can see a number of tall and magnificent buildings around the river. Some of the grand buildings are Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok, and The Peninsula Bangkok.


Watch Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a Thai martial art that attracts a lot of tourist attention. Similar to boxing, Muay Thai athletes wear boxing gloves and are on a boxing ring. Only, what differentiates Muay Thai from boxing is his fighting technique. In boxing, the athlete is only allowed to use the hand only. While at Muay Thai, free athletes use 8 legs, namely the two claws, elbows, knees, and feet.

If interested in watching this sport, you can come directly to Muay Thai stadium in Bangkok, namely Lumpini Stadium on Rama IV Road, Ratchadamnoen Stadium on Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue, and Channel 7 behind Mo Chit Terminal, just Chatuchak Park.

Each stadium, usually holding 8-10 matches, and each round of 5 innings. In addition, each stadium provides different game days, such as at Lumpini Stadium which provides Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. While Ratchadamnoen Stadium held Muay Thai every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 18:30 local time. On Channel 7, the game is held every Sunday at 13:45 local time, and Wednesday third week starts at 12:00 local time.


Eat Fried Insects

This is a typical culinary Bangkok you should taste while traveling there, a variety of fried insects. And this is unusual things to do in Bangkok. A little extreme indeed, but this is a snack that many merchants in the street market street market in Sukhumvit to Khao San. We had time to try this typical Bangkok snack along Khao San Road, some time ago. There are many traders with carts containing trays with fried insects. A small bulb became a lightning insect that seemed kriuk it.

Want to know what kind of insects are sold there? There are crickets, grasshoppers, fat caterpillars, to cockroaches. Everything is served with pepper and soy sauce as a flavor enhancer, and sold for 35 Baht or Rp 11,000 per serving. Funny thing is, tourists are not only asked to pay if you want to taste this special food, but also tourists who just want to capture it in camera shots. For this one, you are only required to pay 10 Baht or about Rp 3,200. This is craziest things to do in bangkokand don’t missed it.