Get One Fun Day Off at Bali Zoo


Having Bali Zoo on your itinerary could make your holiday at Bali more wonderful. The zoo is popular with the name of “Kebun Binatang Bali” among the locals. Speaking about Bali is not always the beach, the authentic culture, and so on. If you wish to seek an alternative way to have fun, Bali Zoo is the answer. Watch and get into the wildlife could be exciting. Moreover, if you visit the island of Gods with your family, this place is the ideal destination. Just spare one day to meet the wild creatures. Probably, visiting the zoo will make your kids very happy.

There is no need to waste so much energy to look for the platforms which sell the affordable admission ticket to the zoo. Meet Wandernesia. Wandernesia is one of the popular tour platforms that will make your holiday in Bali turns more incredible. You can see a lot of happening places once you enter our website. Since this reading is talking about the Bali Zoo, we also provide various packages to enjoy this place. If you simply want the admission ticket, you can book it at the best price guaranteed. Or if you wish to have more, you could upgrade it into Zoo Explorer, or Exclusive Elephant Expedition. Enjoy the ease of transfer service and appetizing lunch once you choose to upgrade the package.


Bali Zoo first opening was 2002 and has served millions of tourist to come. The zoo features a wide range of animal species. Lions, orangutans, Komodo dragons, Bali starlings, cassowaries, and many other exotic creatures will meet you inside. Your family and your kids will definitely enjoy the visit to the Bali Zoo. Even the zoo also managed to hold a breeding program and 15 new tigers are the result of it. Your kids could have a close encounter with the animals. Feeding, petting, and taking some photos with the animals would be the recommended things to do.

Located in Ubud, the zoo is also easy to reach from the popular tourism spots in central Bali. Besides sightseeing activity, the in-zoo restaurant is also worth to try. The restaurant offers you the open-air view of the elephant trail and gardens. The foods are good for your taste buds and you could get a different atmosphere like having a lunch surrounded by some exotic animals. So, don’t wait any longer! Visit our website, type Bali Zoo on search, and book the package that meets your needs most! (HN)