How do you learn to think logically

How do you learn to think logically

How do you learn to think logically
Our brain stores a huge amount of information. How to organize your thoughts into a logical chain. How to think logically?

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Three sources of subconscious knowledge

How do you learn to think logically?

How to think right?

think logically

Let’s reflect on where people get their thoughts from. How do we think ? What is logical thinking. In fact, everything in the head is empty. How do we develop the logic of an adult?

How to learn to think logically…
In order for a thought to arise – to remember, we pull the necessary information from somewhere in the brain.

It’s chaos in the head at the beginning of thinking.

Our brain stores a huge amount of information.

That’s the information we need to build a logical chain of thought. How to learn to think logically.

We pull what we need out of the subconscious, from the depths of the brain, where nothing is ever lost or forgotten.

We try to remember information, thought. (does not always work).

Thought goes to an unknown area of the brain – the subconscious. The superb thing is the subconscious!

If it did not exist, a person simply could not cope with that colossal flow of information and management of his body.

“Thought is the beginning of everything. “And thoughts can be controlled. And that’s why the main thing to improve is to work on thoughts.”


Three subconscious sources

  1. All the things we’ve learned in our lives. Personal observations, impressions of what we saw and heard.
  2. The volume of knowledge of the subconscious of humanity since the creation of the world. From the very beginning, the brain stores the experience of our distant ancestors’ life accumulated before us.
  3. Knowledge and impressions of other people that are used unconsciously or purposefully with the help of information waves. Telepathy.

How do you learn to think logically?

With so much knowledge and information, the brain tries and finds a way to solve a problem.

Essentially, the success or failure of any case we lay down ourselves.

We ourselves are able to consciously interact with our subconscious. How does this process happen?

How do you learn to think logically?
We need to learn to ask questions correctly.
As they say: in a properly asked question, half the answer already exists.
How to use the subconscious for a conscious life.
Ask yourself questions. What am I doing? What am I supposed to do? What for? Why? How should I do it? Where? Who? With whom.
In life, intuition is a frequent companion and prompter in confusing life situations. However, intuition is used spontaneously, randomly and unintentionally.
Only a fraction of people use intuition deliberately, I would say, – planned.
Intuition is this capricious lady, visiting only people prepared for the meeting. These are the people who work hard and hard on the problem and solve it with intuition. Who said: Eureka!?
How to turn your subconscious into a personal advisor to life, this clue. Think outside the box? To develop logic.

Start with practical actions.

How to think correctly?

  1. What do I want to be? What position do I want to be? (I, for example, was a soldier of the Soviet Army: I dreamed that when I returned from service – to enter the financial and economic institute in the Faculty of Industrial Planning. Then I wanted to work as a director of a large factory.)
  2. How do you arrange your personal life? How to choose a life partner? How many children will I have?
  3. All about health and staying alive.
  4. My development as individuals. Deepening my education, new knowledge and skills.
  5. Full use of my free time, as a preamble to the effectiveness of my life.

Therefore, the very process of creating such a life plan and defining your strategic goals will give an impetus to the development of logic.

This plan will be a kind of push and impetus in your development.

Your subconscious will try so hard to help, to become an ally in life.

They say: “Help yourself and the whole universe will help you.” Some synergy of human, universe and space forces.

It’s an exemption from the rigid framework previously established by someone. Turn an abstract situation into a concrete, time-bound task.

Another method of non-standard thinking can be the “inverted situations” method.

Sometimes it is useful to start to calculate a situation from the end. It is rather difficult to get out of dependence of the “dominant idea”. I mean, it’s like getting out of a rut of consciousness.

An obstacle for non-standard thinking is sometimes and often our contemptuous attitude to life issues. The factor of “chance” is another method in non-standard thinking.

think logically

In order to stimulate ourselves to give birth to new ideas, it is recommended to visit places where there are many random places. Fairs, exhibitions, modern shopping centers.

Suffice it to say, quite a lot of brilliant discoveries seem to have been discovered by chance. For example, the antibiotic penicillin was discovered accidentally from mold, finding in it therapeutic properties.

It should be stressed that the apparent accidental discovery and not entirely accidental.

The success of the discovery, His Majesty the case comes with people looking for, who are working hard to solve the problem.